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The Experience

I started this blog yesterday to talk about the things I’ve enjoy. That was the main goal, that’s what we all think when starting a blog (although, other people just want to get some revenue, there’s nothing wrong with that either).

In less than 24 hours I’ve become more and more familiar with functionality. Mostly because I’m a programmer, I like to poke things and see how the work. I’ve yet to see the day I don’t poke things and find how things works. That’s not the case here though, I’m not here to talk about that.

The Blogosphere is an amazing place to be today.

And that’s what I’m getting into. I’ve read over 3-4 posts made by random strangers today. I don’t know anything about them. I sure as hell would love to meet them someday.

I’m glad blogs exists, in a way because you never really run out of things to read. You learn from different random joes, or even relate to them depending on the situation or what he’s trying to expose to the world. Our voices on the internet is almost nonexistent, no matter what, the internet is vast. Search Engines helps to get the word there. But having a centralized hub like is way better than starting your own thing.

Now, going back to the random posts:

One that caught my attention was, My Penis Girl, written by a mother struggling to embrace her daughter’s identity. To name another one, Why is the “Ideal English Major” uncurious and anti-intellectual, among other entries.

I never read those type of things in Tumblr or Blogger (although, to be honest Blogger seems like a rundown mill compared to this).

Anyway, that’s for today’s ramblings.


Can I become a writer?

It’s one of the questions I ask myself on a monthly basis, sometimes weekly. I think part of it comes from my frustration. Most of you don’t know but English is my second language. My native language is Spanish. In a very common note, most of the time I communicate in English, mostly because it’s hard not to.

One of the challenges, for me, of having a second language is that getting the grammar right becomes a pain in the ass. Expanding your vocabulary is also one hell of a ride where you need to keep practicing/memorizing, and choosing the right words for the right moment is where I fail.

Now, why do I want to be a writer? It comes from the fact that I enjoy creating things. I started out as a programmer, creating various applications in PHP, Java, Python, etc. Whatever idea popped into my head, I would go and execute them. The challenges were big, daunting, and most of the time they drove you insane.

Writing doesn’t drive me insane, well, nevermind! It does drive me insane. Think the following:

  • Am I writing this correctly?
  • I’m pretty sure these aren’t the right words I want to use.
  • Goddammit, where’s my thesaurus!

In the span of 2 years I came up with two different titles with different approaches:

  • Inside Nostalgia – It starts in a post-apocalyptic setting where the world population has been decimated. In the new, and broken world there are laws that women aren’t allowed to have children. Nostalgia is born, and she’s fated to unravel the mysteries of the broken world and how it came to be.
  • The Pilgrimage To The Heavens – Saru has a dream, an insane one too! He wants to become God. His goal is to deliver divine punishment and reestablish justice through the lands. Saru’s dreams are ignited after his brother’s death. His elder brother sold his organs to keep his family from starving. Could Saru become a God?

So, in a way I like to think that I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes I toy with different ideas and I love it. It’s just fun, you create situations, places, events and it becomes something I want to share with others.

Which reminds me, I did share a lot of my concepts with some friends. Especially The Pilgrimage To The Heavens did make a big impression, even when I created the concept I was really satisfied with it.

I’m going to wrap this up. I’ve been thinking of becoming an English Teacher, it’s a tough choice for me because I also wanted to become a computer engineer. If you ask me which one is more satisfying I wouldn’t know how to answer that.

Leave your thoughts :]


WIN Fate/Stay Night:Unlimited Blade Works On Double Play Blu-ray/DVD

Welp, time to spread the info around. Too bad I don’t live in the UK :[

Diverse Japan

Hooray! It’s competition time again!

Fate/Stay NightFate/Stay Night:Unlimited Blade Works is coming to  Double Play and DVD on 30th September. Courtesy of Manga Entertainment UK, we have one Double Play copy to give away.

Spells and swords clash in deadly combat in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (available from, a feature-length adaptation of the hit television series that amps up the action and gives the popular tale plenty of new twists. Join teen mage Shirou and his companions, beautiful spirit knight Saber and powerful magic-wielding schoolgirl Rin, as they are plunged into an epic battle for the Holy Grail.

To enter, all you have to do is:

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New Home

I’m not that much of a blogger. I’ll try to keep it entertaining and useful. What’s gonna be here? Anime, Manga, Games, Life stuff. Whatever comes into my mind.

I decided to move away from tumblr since it was getting REALLY slow for me. Sometimes the editor didn’t want to load, among other things. is really damn fast, and weirdly they pretty much cloned Tumblr menus (or was it the other way around?)

Anyways, I’ll see you people around!