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Imawabi no Dakini First Impressions



Fushimi and Toume were just a normal boy and girl going to high school until one day they stumble upon a phantasmal mountain known to legend as “Mount Hagure” . Before either of them knew it, Toume was possessed by a Yoko by then name of Dakini, a goddess that grants wishes.

When asking what Fushimi’s wish is, it is only this: Give Toume back. Dakini says she can grant the wish but in return he must become her servant. The deal is struck. Fushimi has now become Dakini’s servant and Toume has been returned. Darkness, however, is afoot and now Fushimi must take on a more active role as Dakini’s servant. Is he up for the task?!

I started reading the few chapters available of this manga in my hopes to find something to replace Naruto. As most of us know, Naruto is coming to an end.

I’m going to put throw this out here, this manga is pretty much about characters having their tongues out. Yea, you heard me. The mangaka have gone through insane lengths to make sure you see characters look “badass”, but in truth it kind of fails to build the atmosphere.

When I first started reading the manga I felt that it had potential. The pace is getting a bit too fast. Especially with the past events of the protagonist where he tries to figure out what’s going on I didn’t really feel that he put much thought on it.

The art is rough, I like it. But like I said, the author is trying his darndest on making every character have his/her tongue out, and that most of the seems to have sleeping problems. I don’t have any real complaint with the art, I RARELY do.

As for the story, truth be told there aren’t many chapters out there. It’s hard to connect with the characters. I doubt any of you will connect with Dakini in her current state. I do fear that if the mangaka keeps Dakini with the same personality it’ll be hard for the protagonist to follow, and for us to actually like. The issue is not about the liking the characters, more like, her personality comes out as just some sadistic demon fox. And so far in the last five chapters available there hasn’t been much about her. There’s absolutely nothing interesting about Dakini.

I hope something interesting happens in the next 10 chapters. If not, oh well…