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Impressions: Kyoukai no Kanata 05

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Sometimes we are conflicted in carrying all the burden, we have to deal everything alone and at some stage in your life you don’t want to rely on anyone because you end up “betrayed”. “We are alone”, therefore we must carry on regardless of the weight we desire to throw away. This episode here just confirms why I like Kyoukai no Kanata, at some point I thought Akihito was going to spout lines about “they aren’t my friends, they are there to kill if I lose control”.

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The Nase family has an intriguing way of raising their warriors. Especially Izumi being the catalyst that forces Mitsuki to stay alone. That is indeed a very painful move, we have yet to understand why Izumi told her that at such a young age. There wasn’t any “spite” when she said it, it all came as a warning. Still, she only has her brother Hiromi, but when it comes to fighting we all need our pillar of support. Mitsuki have been shown to have this bland have of disinterest from the very beginning.

Now we know it has been all but a mask. When Mirai was introduced as the first female character (human too) in this episode we see how badly she tries to subdue her emotions of trying to befriend her. Of course, nobody can subdue it. We are talking about the Mirai, the glasses beauty!


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I think Mirai and Akihito are like magnets. Akihito being immortal and Mirai being from a cursed family we have to shift perspectives. Both Mirai and Akihito have gone through hardships together. Mirai and Mitsuki are literally the same. If we remember the previous episodes she’s been trying to alienate herself from Akihito. She has her reasons, mostly for revenge and atonement. Mitsuki on the other side has been told to cut off any type of relationship at a young age.

Everyone is all alone, but not anymore. I think from here onwards we will start seeing more team combinations and more trust from them. We have yet to see Izumi’s past and family issues.

Also, damn Aya-chan I want all her collection T__T.



Will light novels take over manga in the future?

There’s no denying that there’s a growth spurt in Light Novels. Groups like Baka-Tsuki are doing a great job in translating LNs (I will refer Light Novels as LNs from here on) and I thank them for that. I wish I could even donate money if I could. Truth be told I also want LNs to become even more popular in U.S. A lot of LNs have been licensed in the U.S, but most of the time they end up dropping it because it’s not really brimming with sales.

There are a variety of reasons of why I like light novels, one of the main ones is because we eliminate the barrier of art to focus on the characters, the surroundings, the plot. We have a closer look into the main character and his thoughts, to see if he’s critical thinker, or a dumb idiot, or a cruel bastard. In manga, it’s really hard for the mangaka to give a lot of exposure to the characters. Now imagine this with anime, which is only 24 minutes for 24 episodes (or 13) per season, creating a storyboard where we can push in all the dialogue in the story is mission impossible, or just simply impossible.

I always appreciate when mangakas work their hardest on covering small details in their work. Sometimes we see a lot of plot holes within mangas, especially in genres like harem there are a lot of questionable actions. Most of us feel uneasy because we end up comparing it to real life decisions therefore leaving a bitter taste. We musn’t forget that light novels or mangas are fictional work, sometimes authors don’t want to have realistic characters taking realistic decisions within the context of the story because it would kill the fantasy, maybe?

Anyway, I do like good stories. I don’t want to sound like I’m defending bad stories in mangas or light novel.

Rewinding back to the main question, do you think the era of light novels is here? I do love mangas, but seems that I will end up inclining to LNs in the future.

“Depression is not something you beat”

I’m angry, there’s no other way of putting it. A few days ago I watched a video where a person was saying “depression is not something you beat”, that we learn to “live with it”. As for me, I don’t want to learn to live with depression. That is itself something that goes contrary to what I want in my life. Don’t give me that bullshit that we cannot beat depression,  if you are going to limit yourself, then that’s up to you, don’t throw me under the same bus.

I know that there are people out there with medications. I know that most of them want to get rid of it. For me, hearing things like the title says simply discourages the person that we can live with it, but we can’t cure it. Thus, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It leaves a bad taste to those battling depression, and it certainly discourages people that have dealt with it for years.

I can’t speak for everyone. I cannot do that, we all have different circumstances, different statuses, different social life, different culture, different families. For me to throw everyone under the bus we all have to reach a middle ground somewhere, but that’s unlikely because our issues greatly differ.

I am going to beat depression. I plan to come with my head held high. I’m doing everything I can to beat my fears, my insecurities, my self-hatred. I challenge myself every week. Every day there’s this irrational fear that’s tries to beat me back, but I don’t want to give in. No. I know I’m better than that. You know that you are better than that. Don’t let your thoughts run wild. Feelings aren’t fact.

That’s all I wanted to say. I wanted to get this off my head for a while. Good luck to those battling depression, I wish you the best luck.

Impressions: Log Horizon 04

I’m not sure whether to start with a complaint or a praise in this episode. It was rather enjoyable however a lot of the time spent in this episode was talking about how overpowered is Shiroe (As expected of almost all mage classes in MMORPGs!), they have gone into details about each spell and classes which in an anime series, for me, is quite irrelevant if we consider this series has a story. If there was a game coming out then yes I would deeply interested.

To be honest I found this episode to be quite a turn off. I’ve read other impressions and posts in tumblr on how amazing it was. I couldn’t really agree with the general audience watching the show, it was really so-so.

We did see how Shiroe, Nyanta, and that-dood-that-turns-into-stone-and-still-smiles teamwork pulled through. I wasn’t surprised by it, more like… so far it seems the series is heading into Shiro The Invincible road which I hope that doesn’t happen, there’s nothing interesting in having a “flawless” character.

Another thing that was a turnoff was the crappy exchanges between Shiroe and Serara, it was too shallow and it felt like it was taken out of a wishy-washy shounen manga. There was also another problem with Delicious-san, he’s human like Shiroe, instead his character acted like one of the dumbest bad guy ever. So far all the characters introduced in Log Horizon have been enjoyable. But seeing the bad guys, and to know that they are humans, their decisions are really crappy. The exchanges Delicious-san made with Shiroe and Nyanta were generic lines a bad guy would say, a normal person would at least have better lines imho, like:

“omfg faggot lel, newfag is acting tough lel kill that fag”


“omg, noob mage is using thorns shit, is that all you can do?”

Amongst other lines that you could possibly encounter in a MMORPG.

Anyways, I’m hoping the next episode is better. Peace, and AKATSUKI IS MAI WAIFU.

Impressions: Kill La Kill 04

If there’s one thing for certain about Kill La Kill is that this episode surpasses every episode aired so far in terms of nonsense. I don’t have anything constructive to offer except the ongoing fanservice “criticism”. (quotes added for now)

I’ve decided to not drop the series, in addition I also don’t feel like finding hidden meanings in the series until it’s completed. Therefore I’m just going to whatever they throw at us. I’ll be reading other blogs to see other people thoughts on it.


Super Clumsy Monster

October 23, 2013

I’ve been reading bits of Outbreak Company manga. The art style and characters differs from the anime counterpart, this means Miusel isn’t as loli as she looks and the protagonist looks more aged. Paint me excited, even the beginning is different!

Super Clumsy Monster

October 22, 2013

I’m not slightly happy about my writing style.

I don’t have any style!

I’m working on my short story, and also writing posts about mangas and anime and there’s this dissatisfaction when reading my posts to the point that I want to rewrite them all again.

tsk tsk