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Let’s Talk: Ore Monogatari!! Manga


Ore Monogatari!! is the story of the freshman Tsuyoshi Takeo who is far from a prince. One of the weirdest parts about this manga is that it’s actually a Shoujo manga, typically for Shoujo mangas we see pretty faces with ideal body. However this one attempts to break the mold. It introduces an unexpected variable, a big and tall guy whose only flaw is not being “pretty”.

Do note that Shoujo, Shounen, Seinen are just a category for a targeted demography  (Shoujo for girls, shounen for boys, seinen for teenagers/adults?). s034

Now, this story is rather darn sweet, so sweet I almost got diabetes. The pace so far has been great, and the characters have been thoughtfully made. They all add a great atmosphere to the “unexpected” equation.


Why do I want you to pay attention to this? First you have to ask yourself, have there been many mangas where you put a chubby guy/girl as a main character, or a not-so-cute main character it tackles things like low self-esteem. As for me, I haven’t seen any, if you know some, let me know!

Why put physical “flaws” in main characters? It’s my belief that we would be able to appreciate them more. There’s a saying pretty people have it easy (this is the part where you get ticked off if you are somehow cute, or whatever). I believe in that saying applies a lot to us below average.

Anyway, let’s go back to flawed characters. Uh, well, in a way like I said before characters for me doesn’t have to be fit, or prince-like, or princess-like. I also don’t want the type of ending where the chubby girl suddenly loses weight at the end all for the sake of her love. I remember seeing this in a korean movie and I found it to be awful.

This is fiction. There’s no doubt about that! So, why did I like this manga? Well, the main character reminded me of a person I know in real life. He’s overweight, nasty personality, but he loves his family and I was able to gain his respect. His wife is stunningly beautiful, many times have I told him “you are so damn lucky”. I think he knows the weight of those words very well. For people to be loved for who they are would be perfect. Sadly, this is the real world so…. we know it doesn’t work for everyone.

I’m gonna wrap this up, the manga has around 4 volumes available. Only 1 volume has been translated, which makes me sad I hope another scantalation group picks this underrated gem, or aid the ones translating them. (I think I’m sounding like an ass, eep)