[Spoilers] Goodbye Breaking Bad!

If I have to say one thing about Breaking Bad, it’s that the characters will break you into tears. Today was the finale episode of Breaking Bad and it went with a bang!


It’s hard NOT to feel empathy for Walt as the curtains are slowly drawing near the end. We see a devastated Walt, emotionally numb from all the situations he has carried over the years. He’s way of walking is one of admitting defeat, it’s almost painful for us, who liked Walt for what he did and his reasons, although contradictory to what he said to Skyler, it enlightens what Walt wanted all along. Give the money to his children.

He’s certainly full of flaws–like most of the characters in Breaking Bad. Walt comes seeking revenge. I think most of us felt relieved when Todd and his uncle’s crew were wiped. I still don’t know if Walt’s plan was to wipe out Pinkman too, in my opinion I think he came with the mindset to kill everyone, but after seeing Pinkman’s slave-partner conditions he improvised and tackled Pinkman to the ground.

I personally don’t think it was his plan to save Pinkman. To be honest I also think that beyond that he didn’t want to kill Pinkman, the only reason he would do it was if Pinkman was really cooking as a partner, which we know he wasn’t. Thus, the whole improvisation got him a bullet.

Pinkman ran out of there like a lunatic. Come on, honestly, who wouldn’t run like Pinkman after being forced to cook. I can’t imagine the rush of emotions he felt getting out of there. Leaving Walt to his death. He didn’t want any of it. His brain screamed “let’s get the fuck out of here”.

Was it a good ending? I thought it was. Even if Walt lived, he wouldn’t have been able to go back to see her daughter. Walt instructed Skyler to call the DEA, which I believe she did to get that deal. I doubt Pinkman and Walt would ever get along, or even understand each other. In truth, Walt ended alone. His death was full of regrets.

Anyways, these are my thoughts on the matter. I’m so going to miss Breaking Bad 😦


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