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Updated my About page in the blog. It should give anyone an idea about this blog. I don’t expect this thing to become popular or anything either. It’d be nice to have a conversation from time to time though 🙂


Ugh! New WordPress reader “improvements”

I dislike the new changes made in the new WordPress reader. I thought the old one worked greatly. They just changed a bit of the structure and added bigger font size to the paragraphs which I heavily dislike.

Why bring this to this blog? I hope that it calls the attention to anyone in the wordpress team. I’m a web developer myself, the old structure was just fine. Note that I’m not here to say “thus since I’m a web developer Imma go take out my e-penis and show my greatness” nah, I’ll leave that to the inexperienced who has the need to throw a tantrum. I’m more of the type that throws feedback, it’s up to them if they follow up or not.

Anyways, I use the reader almost on a daily basis to catch up with anime, manga, writing topics. I like it. It’s an easy to use interface and I’m glad that hasn’t changed.

Please keep it simple, baka! 😉

New Home

I’m not that much of a blogger. I’ll try to keep it entertaining and useful. What’s gonna be here? Anime, Manga, Games, Life stuff. Whatever comes into my mind.

I decided to move away from tumblr since it was getting REALLY slow for me. Sometimes the editor didn’t want to load, among other things. is really damn fast, and weirdly they pretty much cloned Tumblr menus (or was it the other way around?)

Anyways, I’ll see you people around!