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Impressions: Log Horizon 07

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Log Horizon 07 is out and while the pace is killing a few watchers due to wanting to know what is Shiro’s plan. I’ve been pretty neutral about it, I don’t expect my mind to be blown. And I certainly  don’t feel like they have to rush it either. I do however criticize the show for taking six long episodes to get to this part. If you removed all the minutes wasted of seeing Shiro thinking, seeing 10 minutes of a battle that is spent talking about skills in the game.

Yes, I know that part of those episodes were in fact, to motivate the protagonist to do something about the issues that are currently affecting the MMORPG.

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Adorable pair 2013, love watching Marie clinging to him 😀

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Hang in there T_T, Marie! At least they brought you a sandwich.

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Can Serara get any more kawaii than this? I can’t even begin to imagine. She’s just too damn adorable and it’s hard to hate on Serara.

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Around 4 scenes were made by Shiro adjusting his glasses. It actually bothered me a bit… it’s kind of annoying….

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Yes! More Akatsuki moments, best part? Shiro “sold” her up and that “secret” mission was probably to head where she was. Trapped like a rat 😀

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.50_[2013.11.16_10.59.53] [HorribleSubs] Log Horizon - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.02_[2013.11.16_11.00.10]


❤ Akatsuki

As for the whole episode, It was okay. They just begun to move forward, so hopefully the next two episodes is going to be about how Shiro is now official gangster in the new world.


Update #01

Bah, I called it update 01 until I find a decent name for posts like these. I’ve been late on my impressions since I’m taking my sweet time in studying and doing even more nerdy stuff.


So, it was like… I was guessing for a while now. It seems there’s been a lot “turmoil” of the direction KnK is going to head. I think KnK itself is going to end up in a cliffhanger, that’s honestly what I believe. I don’t think the show has gone from “srs business” to “lel idols”.

So in episode 05 we saw them strengthening their relationship, not as warriors but as becoming friends. I think episode 06 brims with that relationship as silly yet awesome as it look, if we compare the previous episodes, we could see Hiromi and Mitsuki not getting involved and Mirai would be trying to devise on ways to kill it along with Akihito. That is, if episode 05 never happened.

Is it a filler episode? probably. I don’t really care that much. It was awesome. Plot wise? Well, episode 7 is pretty close so I wouldn’t give up on having an interesting story. I don’t mind the direction they are taking. But, I did want to see an apologetic Mirai. Why? because she stabbed Akihito countless of times fully knowing that it hurted him a lot.

Parts like that are missing on the series. They put Mirai as a bashful and clumsy girl, however things like the stabbing should have been prioritized after Akihito’s transformation.

Next episode seems to be about Mirai’s past. So I think we’ll be back on the story.

Anyways, I’ll be writing about this when I get the time

Log Horizon 06

It was okay. I still don’t like Shiroe that much. I’d rather have Nyanta taking the steps to create the guild. However, Shiroe is the protagonist. Personally, I don’t like him that much mostly because of his personality and indecisiveness.

Akatsuki is mine.

Outbreak Company 06

Gardius is my wa……..ifu? Well, it was an episode full of references. Misuel is still my favorite 😀 but Minori wins the cake, seriously she’s really awesome. Shinichi’s pretty tame compared to Minori.

Strike the Blood 06

It was pretty…. generic. Usual fighting scenes, usual Himeragi “tsundere” act, usual misunderstandings, usual overpowered goth loli.

All in all…. I was really hoping for a better story 😦

Kill La Kill 06

I’m on the verge of dropping this series… I’ll explain later.

Impressions: Log Horizon 04

I’m not sure whether to start with a complaint or a praise in this episode. It was rather enjoyable however a lot of the time spent in this episode was talking about how overpowered is Shiroe (As expected of almost all mage classes in MMORPGs!), they have gone into details about each spell and classes which in an anime series, for me, is quite irrelevant if we consider this series has a story. If there was a game coming out then yes I would deeply interested.

To be honest I found this episode to be quite a turn off. I’ve read other impressions and posts in tumblr on how amazing it was. I couldn’t really agree with the general audience watching the show, it was really so-so.

We did see how Shiroe, Nyanta, and that-dood-that-turns-into-stone-and-still-smiles teamwork pulled through. I wasn’t surprised by it, more like… so far it seems the series is heading into Shiro The Invincible road which I hope that doesn’t happen, there’s nothing interesting in having a “flawless” character.

Another thing that was a turnoff was the crappy exchanges between Shiroe and Serara, it was too shallow and it felt like it was taken out of a wishy-washy shounen manga. There was also another problem with Delicious-san, he’s human like Shiroe, instead his character acted like one of the dumbest bad guy ever. So far all the characters introduced in Log Horizon have been enjoyable. But seeing the bad guys, and to know that they are humans, their decisions are really crappy. The exchanges Delicious-san made with Shiroe and Nyanta were generic lines a bad guy would say, a normal person would at least have better lines imho, like:

“omfg faggot lel, newfag is acting tough lel kill that fag”


“omg, noob mage is using thorns shit, is that all you can do?”

Amongst other lines that you could possibly encounter in a MMORPG.

Anyways, I’m hoping the next episode is better. Peace, and AKATSUKI IS MAI WAIFU.

First Impressions: Log Horizon from 1 to 3

I did a short marathon of Log Horizon. Surprised to say that I’ve liked it more than Sword Art Online. Let’s say I wasn’t a fan of SAO characters. With Log Horizon it’s a little bit different for me, it has its flaws but it’s far more enjoyable.

It dawned on me that the main character is a little bit…. dramatic for my tastes. From episode 1 to 3 we still see the same old behavior where he doesn’t do anything rash. He just sits pondering whether he should rescue someone or not as if it was one of the toughest decisions ever, it kind of contradicts his character.

The main character is a veteran player. He has gotten items like the griffon mount which are apparently special items, and has lots of experience in-game. He’s a loner I’ll give him that. In a way when he mentioned he couldn’t join a Guild I could fully relate. Guilds in MMORPG in real life are annoying, full of e-drama mostly generated by crappy behavior.

I do know a real life friend who was a hardcore player, he got to be one of the first in the top ten players. He didn’t mind helping people, but he told me there were some that kept abusing him. I myself also play a lot of MMORPGs, but I’m not playing to gain all the items in the game. The game has to be REALLY good for me to sink time in dungeons and crafting items.

Sadly, in the world of MMORPGs there’s no such thing as quality. Most of the games available are either a rehash or some low budget game that managed to be made in less than 2 or 3 years, making this area stale, bland, and crushingly painful to go through. (P.S I still want to get my hands on FFXIV, jesus, I love that game)

I’m not asking for innovation in MMORPGs. I’m asking for developers to polish the parts that made the game crappy, put some thoughts into it.

Anyway, going back to Log Horizon! The story ain’t so bad. I like it. Akatsuki is so darn cute >:3, even marie!….. actually almost everyone there who isn’t a bad guy is cute

So I’m going to be waiting for the “sad” part of Shiroe’s virtual life to happen. I’m going to tell you that I don’t think I will really relate that much to him. I feel like I know where his story might be heading.

Anyway, that’s that. If I have to put a score into this series it would be around……

7 out of 10