Will light novels take over manga in the future?

There’s no denying that there’s a growth spurt in Light Novels. Groups like Baka-Tsuki are doing a great job in translating LNs (I will refer Light Novels as LNs from here on) and I thank them for that. I wish I could even donate money if I could. Truth be told I also want LNs to become even more popular in U.S. A lot of LNs have been licensed in the U.S, but most of the time they end up dropping it because it’s not really brimming with sales.

There are a variety of reasons of why I like light novels, one of the main ones is because we eliminate the barrier of art to focus on the characters, the surroundings, the plot. We have a closer look into the main character and his thoughts, to see if he’s critical thinker, or a dumb idiot, or a cruel bastard. In manga, it’s really hard for the mangaka to give a lot of exposure to the characters. Now imagine this with anime, which is only 24 minutes for 24 episodes (or 13) per season, creating a storyboard where we can push in all the dialogue in the story is mission impossible, or just simply impossible.

I always appreciate when mangakas work their hardest on covering small details in their work. Sometimes we see a lot of plot holes within mangas, especially in genres like harem there are a lot of questionable actions. Most of us feel uneasy because we end up comparing it to real life decisions therefore leaving a bitter taste. We musn’t forget that light novels or mangas are fictional work, sometimes authors don’t want to have realistic characters taking realistic decisions within the context of the story because it would kill the fantasy, maybe?

Anyway, I do like good stories. I don’t want to sound like I’m defending bad stories in mangas or light novel.

Rewinding back to the main question, do you think the era of light novels is here? I do love mangas, but seems that I will end up inclining to LNs in the future.


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