First peek at Inari Konkon Koi Iroha


If you haven’t read Inari Konkon Koi Iroha then you are missing quite a lot!

This manga starts with a very generic plot. Typical girl falls in love with a guy, then later she meets a goddess that is in debt with her. I’m going to omit the why she’s in debt with the her. So, said goddess goes through lengths on making her wish come true.

On the surface, the manga is very simple. It doesn’t have any layers of complexity. It’s a typical comedy, romance manga with a twist. The characters are really likeable, even the tough characters in the manga are hard to dislike.

The protagonists goes through tough situations, and this is the part I really liked about the manga. Usually in romance, comedy mangas you don’t see the protagonist struggling that much. However, having the power of a goddess it becomes more than obvious that she can’t contain some situations. Thus, the actions she took takes a toll on her.

Another reason I recommend this manga: Uka-sama. She’s the best. Anyway, I’ll leave it here, this is by no means a review or whatever. I just felt like talking about this lovely manga.


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