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Update #01

Bah, I called it update 01 until I find a decent name for posts like these. I’ve been late on my impressions since I’m taking my sweet time in studying and doing even more nerdy stuff.


So, it was like… I was guessing for a while now. It seems there’s been a lot “turmoil” of the direction KnK is going to head. I think KnK itself is going to end up in a cliffhanger, that’s honestly what I believe. I don’t think the show has gone from “srs business” to “lel idols”.

So in episode 05 we saw them strengthening their relationship, not as warriors but as becoming friends. I think episode 06 brims with that relationship as silly yet awesome as it look, if we compare the previous episodes, we could see Hiromi and Mitsuki not getting involved and Mirai would be trying to devise on ways to kill it along with Akihito. That is, if episode 05 never happened.

Is it a filler episode? probably. I don’t really care that much. It was awesome. Plot wise? Well, episode 7 is pretty close so I wouldn’t give up on having an interesting story. I don’t mind the direction they are taking. But, I did want to see an apologetic Mirai. Why? because she stabbed Akihito countless of times fully knowing that it hurted him a lot.

Parts like that are missing on the series. They put Mirai as a bashful and clumsy girl, however things like the stabbing should have been prioritized after Akihito’s transformation.

Next episode seems to be about Mirai’s past. So I think we’ll be back on the story.

Anyways, I’ll be writing about this when I get the time

Log Horizon 06

It was okay. I still don’t like Shiroe that much. I’d rather have Nyanta taking the steps to create the guild. However, Shiroe is the protagonist. Personally, I don’t like him that much mostly because of his personality and indecisiveness.

Akatsuki is mine.

Outbreak Company 06

Gardius is my wa……..ifu? Well, it was an episode full of references. Misuel is still my favorite 😀 but Minori wins the cake, seriously she’s really awesome. Shinichi’s pretty tame compared to Minori.

Strike the Blood 06

It was pretty…. generic. Usual fighting scenes, usual Himeragi “tsundere” act, usual misunderstandings, usual overpowered goth loli.

All in all…. I was really hoping for a better story 😦

Kill La Kill 06

I’m on the verge of dropping this series… I’ll explain later.


Super Clumsy Monster

October 23, 2013

I’ve been reading bits of Outbreak Company manga. The art style and characters differs from the anime counterpart, this means Miusel isn’t as loli as she looks and the protagonist looks more aged. Paint me excited, even the beginning is different!