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First Impressions: Non Non Biyori


It feels good to finish series that have been on your backlog for a while. Although Non Non Biyori is relatively new I’ve been meaning to get myself started, and that I did!

While I finished the series a few minutes ago I still label this post as first impressions because I’m still organizing my thoughts on how to tackle the series. I found it to be a relaxing series and I’m sure a lot of viewers will appreciate what NNB brings to us. The countryside of Japan, breathtaking scenarios and many awesome moments between the characters.

If you have enjoyed series like Minami-ke, or the slice of life genre, then this series if for you. I also recommend it to people who are relatively new to anime, it’s a risky move if the only thing the person watch is shounen stuff.

I’m hoping to sit down next week and write a few anime-related posts. See you around.