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Kyoukai No Kanata 10-12 (End)

I think, if we look into every aspect that was shown in Kyoukai No Kanata (referred as KNK after this) world, we all knew KyoAni could have delivered a better, more polished story. But they didn’t try, it was the insane choices of either maintaining comedy routines or concentrate more into the story elements.

It’s been a month now since KNK ended. I’m not going to do any impressions as they aren’t needed, by now you must all know what happened in the story.

KyoAni has single-handedly screwed themselves over by leaving SO MANY LOOSE ENDS in the final episode. Izumi half-youmu discovery we learned from the antagonist. The antagonist’s past is unknown and riddled with mysteries, we don’t even know WHY he wanted things to go that why.

Will Hiroomi propose to Mitsuki as shown in the last ep? Who knows. Okay, fine I made that up. Anyway, let me continue on the loose ends. Uh, well, we don’t even know what was Beyond The Boundary in simple terms, it felt like “Akihito is an entity defined as KNK” but at the same time he has a humane mind. Most of the youmos in KNK who are capable of communicating had human sides, the phenome known as KNK is a loose end, in a way it’s something that will “reset” the world, or “destroy it” .

The biggest mystery of all? Akihito’s mother. She’s the biggest offender in KNK. From the very start Akihito recognized her as his mother. Not only that, we never knew who was his father, nobody mentioned at all who’s his father, maybe because he was always a youmo, not a half-youmo like Izumi.

Which brings me to ask: How did Akihito became Akihito? It seemed to me that his mother is one giant kickass fighter. In the end, Akihito’s mother not only is an offender, but a goddamn troll. “We shouldn’t hurt youmos blah blah blah” then leaves the scene. That’s all.

So… Mirai died, then somehow she was resurrected. I don’t even know how this was possible, many people think this is a happy ending… but jesus, it has no logic behind it… how do we as an audience we felt horrible watching Mirai go, come back as if nothing happened to her.

Izumi became a gutless character at the end of the story and disappeared. Hiroomi is now wearing bigboy pants and Mitsuki might get knocked up soon.

The end.

I’ve enjoyed KNK, despite my complains about it. I think KNK did a lot of things right, at the same time they did mess up a lot of things, but hey we have been on this side way too many times. Tell me an anime series that started really amazing and ended like shit? I’m pretty sure you can come up with a few titles, especially if you are an old anime viewer.

Score? Pfft, who needs a scoring system. Go watch the goddamn series, b-baka! Stop relying on score systems based on personal tastes. 😛