Ugh! New WordPress reader “improvements”

I dislike the new changes made in the new WordPress reader. I thought the old one worked greatly. They just changed a bit of the structure and added bigger font size to the paragraphs which I heavily dislike.

Why bring this to this blog? I hope that it calls the attention to anyone in the wordpress team. I’m a web developer myself, the old structure was just fine. Note that I’m not here to say “thus since I’m a web developer Imma go take out my e-penis and show my greatness” nah, I’ll leave that to the inexperienced who has the need to throw a tantrum. I’m more of the type that throws feedback, it’s up to them if they follow up or not.

Anyways, I use the reader almost on a daily basis to catch up with anime, manga, writing topics. I like it. It’s an easy to use interface and I’m glad that hasn’t changed.

Please keep it simple, baka! 😉


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