“Depression is not something you beat”

I’m angry, there’s no other way of putting it. A few days ago I watched a video where a person was saying “depression is not something you beat”, that we learn to “live with it”. As for me, I don’t want to learn to live with depression. That is itself something that goes contrary to what I want in my life. Don’t give me that bullshit that we cannot beat depression,  if you are going to limit yourself, then that’s up to you, don’t throw me under the same bus.

I know that there are people out there with medications. I know that most of them want to get rid of it. For me, hearing things like the title says simply discourages the person that we can live with it, but we can’t cure it. Thus, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It leaves a bad taste to those battling depression, and it certainly discourages people that have dealt with it for years.

I can’t speak for everyone. I cannot do that, we all have different circumstances, different statuses, different social life, different culture, different families. For me to throw everyone under the bus we all have to reach a middle ground somewhere, but that’s unlikely because our issues greatly differ.

I am going to beat depression. I plan to come with my head held high. I’m doing everything I can to beat my fears, my insecurities, my self-hatred. I challenge myself every week. Every day there’s this irrational fear that’s tries to beat me back, but I don’t want to give in. No. I know I’m better than that. You know that you are better than that. Don’t let your thoughts run wild. Feelings aren’t fact.

That’s all I wanted to say. I wanted to get this off my head for a while. Good luck to those battling depression, I wish you the best luck.


2 thoughts on ““Depression is not something you beat”

  1. Taryn Vyhnalek

    Sorry I put the link wrong. I am trying to build some kind of network where people struggling with depression can come and feel safe in sharing their story. I don’t think there is enough awareness with regards to depression and anxiety which is exactly why I have chosen to put my life out there for the world to see in the hope that other will join me and people know that depression is a very real thing, and it can be overcome.


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