Impressions: Log Horizon 04

I’m not sure whether to start with a complaint or a praise in this episode. It was rather enjoyable however a lot of the time spent in this episode was talking about how overpowered is Shiroe (As expected of almost all mage classes in MMORPGs!), they have gone into details about each spell and classes which in an anime series, for me, is quite irrelevant if we consider this series has a story. If there was a game coming out then yes I would deeply interested.

To be honest I found this episode to be quite a turn off. I’ve read other impressions and posts in tumblr on how amazing it was. I couldn’t really agree with the general audience watching the show, it was really so-so.

We did see how Shiroe, Nyanta, and that-dood-that-turns-into-stone-and-still-smiles teamwork pulled through. I wasn’t surprised by it, more like… so far it seems the series is heading into Shiro The Invincible road which I hope that doesn’t happen, there’s nothing interesting in having a “flawless” character.

Another thing that was a turnoff was the crappy exchanges between Shiroe and Serara, it was too shallow and it felt like it was taken out of a wishy-washy shounen manga. There was also another problem with Delicious-san, he’s human like Shiroe, instead his character acted like one of the dumbest bad guy ever. So far all the characters introduced in Log Horizon have been enjoyable. But seeing the bad guys, and to know that they are humans, their decisions are really crappy. The exchanges Delicious-san made with Shiroe and Nyanta were generic lines a bad guy would say, a normal person would at least have better lines imho, like:

“omfg faggot lel, newfag is acting tough lel kill that fag”


“omg, noob mage is using thorns shit, is that all you can do?”

Amongst other lines that you could possibly encounter in a MMORPG.

Anyways, I’m hoping the next episode is better. Peace, and AKATSUKI IS MAI WAIFU.


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