First Impressions: Log Horizon from 1 to 3

I did a short marathon of Log Horizon. Surprised to say that I’ve liked it more than Sword Art Online. Let’s say I wasn’t a fan of SAO characters. With Log Horizon it’s a little bit different for me, it has its flaws but it’s far more enjoyable.

It dawned on me that the main character is a little bit…. dramatic for my tastes. From episode 1 to 3 we still see the same old behavior where he doesn’t do anything rash. He just sits pondering whether he should rescue someone or not as if it was one of the toughest decisions ever, it kind of contradicts his character.

The main character is a veteran player. He has gotten items like the griffon mount which are apparently special items, and has lots of experience in-game. He’s a loner I’ll give him that. In a way when he mentioned he couldn’t join a Guild I could fully relate. Guilds in MMORPG in real life are annoying, full of e-drama mostly generated by crappy behavior.

I do know a real life friend who was a hardcore player, he got to be one of the first in the top ten players. He didn’t mind helping people, but he told me there were some that kept abusing him. I myself also play a lot of MMORPGs, but I’m not playing to gain all the items in the game. The game has to be REALLY good for me to sink time in dungeons and crafting items.

Sadly, in the world of MMORPGs there’s no such thing as quality. Most of the games available are either a rehash or some low budget game that managed to be made in less than 2 or 3 years, making this area stale, bland, and crushingly painful to go through. (P.S I still want to get my hands on FFXIV, jesus, I love that game)

I’m not asking for innovation in MMORPGs. I’m asking for developers to polish the parts that made the game crappy, put some thoughts into it.

Anyway, going back to Log Horizon! The story ain’t so bad. I like it. Akatsuki is so darn cute >:3, even marie!….. actually almost everyone there who isn’t a bad guy is cute

So I’m going to be waiting for the “sad” part of Shiroe’s virtual life to happen. I’m going to tell you that I don’t think I will really relate that much to him. I feel like I know where his story might be heading.

Anyway, that’s that. If I have to put a score into this series it would be around……

7 out of 10



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