Kill la Kill 02 – There’s no such thing as too much fanservice?

[Underwater] KILL la KILL - 02 (720p) [C0DDB47F].mkv_snapshot_18.08_[2013.10.11_13.49.52]Kill la Kill second episode is out. In my hopes of it having an interesting plot (?), we had been served lots of fanservice and mindless fun. I’m totally okay with that, do be aware that I’m not here to condone the series or be a “white knight” (lol? these new terms are killing me).

[Underwater] KILL la KILL - 02 (720p) [C0DDB47F].mkv_snapshot_12.07_[2013.10.11_13.48.14]

In all honest I thought the series could do more. I know only two episodes are out, this thing is the most anime thing that has ever come out in the history of anime. Full nonstop nonsense. I think one of the things that I love about Kill la Kill is the voice actors. The protagonist is voiced by Ami Koshimizu which I believe is doing a damn great job. I love me some strong female lead kicking ass.

[Underwater] KILL la KILL - 02 (720p) [C0DDB47F].mkv_snapshot_12.52_[2013.10.11_13.48.21]


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