Inside A Broken Shell

Inside A Broken Shell lies an illusion of safety. The shafts of light burns deep within my skin. I must hide in the shadows. I cannot let go of this shell, painful as it may be I still hold the idea that it meant something to me.

I kept years and years struggling to not change. Through the stormy nights I told myself how I was going to get out of this shell onto another. When dawn came I could see the light crushing my confidence, and squirming in fear I go back to my shell.

But you see, the fear I feel is the knack of something happening. Something irrefutable, as if fate itself wanted to lead me. Why do I feel so afraid? I ask myself, for leaving the shell is casting off my past. Do I hold the past so dearly, that it had blinded me all the struggles of life. Yet, could it be that in my incoherent state of mind I neglect the change I’ve been looking for.

It’s so cozy, and warm. I never want to leave this shell, no matter how broken it is.

Fear is the key to move forward, over time I feel that fear is itself a motivator to move. It gives me the courage to stand up, regardless of how hopeless I am. Don’t be afraid of change. That, I would tell myself every day.

I am a bystander, fearing the many walking near me. I can’t help but to seek comfort inside my shell.

Is this okay? I ask myself. Years, and years go by, each of them filled with regret. Has the courage to move on faded away. Did I give up on myself to continue exploring the world?


No. I can’t throw it all on a whim. I want to see more, why must it be this way?

I must move forward. For I fear days with regrets. Once I grow old, to whom do I tell my happy stories, for all I’ll be bearing is this crooked shell is nothing but gloom. Don’t misunderstand me, I love this shell so dear that it has become who I am.

It’s time to move on. I’m finally free.


I’m an amateur at this. Pardon the grammar errors, if any. I hope you like this. I might not be the best writer, but I do hope you get the message.


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