May contain spoilers of Attack on Titan

Dat feeling, I thought by now Shingeki no Kyojin had some answers in the manga. I just read all the chapters available to the point that I’m annoyed as hell. It feels like Lost all over, the same frustration of not knowing. 

Useless priest: “not, not gonna say anything. I feel so bad about people dying though…”
Ymir: “ehh? gimmeh christia. I might or might not be your comrade.” 
Reiner & co. won’t say much either… something about warriors and soldiers.
Eren: supposedly he doesn’t “remember”, also, he sucks at gathering information. 
Mikasa: She’s a new type of psycho girl, in real life. You will NEVER ever want to come across someone like Mikasa, she’ll kill everyone around you just to be with you. Those finding her intentions romantic should think twice about her desperate actions D: 


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