Welp, I just finished…. actually, why did I even bother watching this series. 

I’m not even sure if it was directed correct, the series itself had the most awkward pace/story ever, it was just too random. Nothing made sense, it was just… a girl abusing dogs… PETA would be proud on capturing Akiyama Shinobu 😐

I think what got me was “I will become happy” girl, my first thought was “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE?!??!?!??!”, but meh… I doubt I’ll watch the second season at all. 

Well, I only recommend this series if:

– You want something stronger than cannabis
– You want your braincells to disappear.
– You enjoy nonsense comedy (P.S I do, but this is just too …. stupid)
– You…. like S&M? (not sure if it applies…)


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