Stay strong

If you stop loving what you love for people mocking your hobbies in exchange for them to “accept” you, in a way I’d rather get rid of them than getting manipulated into believing that suddenly all the awesome time I’ve spent reading/watching anime or mangas is something not “worthy”.

The same situation would go into any medium such as TV Series, Comics, Cartoons, Games, etc. We all have been on this spot, X person tries to control what you enjoy. Don’t let yourself be controlled, keep enjoying it, you’ll meet better people on the road.

Recently I’ve been “victim” of this type of behavior, usually I don’t give in and ignore it. Sadly, since life’s a bit tsuntsun my mind hasn’t been that clear and my decisions have been bad so far.

Anyways, just a daily reminder. If you love japanese stuff, don’t let it go for random strangers, relatives, etc. Let them deal with it, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone on why you love X medium 😛


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